TClarke’s DfMA strategy on show at Peninsula Hotel

26/2/20: TClarke’s successful modular riser installation at the Peninsula is not just proof of in-house offsite manufacturing capabilty – it is evidence of a complete DfMA strategy that brings value to the whole construction process as Director, Richard Exell explains.

DfMA is the combination of two methodologies; Design for Manufacture, which means the design for ease of manufacture of the parts that will form a product, and Design for Assembly, which means the design of the product for ease of assembly.

At TClarke, so much of the additional value that clients get from us relates to our deep knowledge of the sharp end of complex, high profile, fast tracked construction projects. So we are not satisfied just to have a world class manufacturing operation with superb professionals in every field from welding to design. 

We see the bigger picture – the whole construction and installation process and how we can refine the elements we control in order to deliver benefits in terms of speed, control and cost to our clients – hence our focus on DfMA.

This film shows another successful, precision installation of our own designed and manufactured prefabricated modules at a major London project – the Peninisula Hotel. 

To get to this stage, our design, manufacture and construction teams have collaborated with clients, prinicpal contractor, consultants and other subcontractors to optimise every aspect. Our DfMA philosophy drives us to think of all the details – like how we safely and precisely get vast modules off the lorry and into location and in sequence. 

 As with every area in which we operate, we work hard to build in-house resources and we focus our efforts to become market leaders. Since we worked on the Shard, TClarke has built a huge volume of DfMA experience and expertise on all kinds of major projects. Now that knowledge regularly helps us to win major projects by showing more value, capability and precision than the competition.

DfMA is a philosophy that drives constant learning, refinement and innovation. So every time one of our lorries delivers one of our modules for installation, it isn’t just a mighty piece of engineering, it is an expression of an entire philosophy, made real in all of the details of the solutions we produce for each project.