Young Leaders from across the Group meet in London

15/2/18 :  In February the second group of young leaders, from across the regions, came together to work, learn and see for themselves a prestigious London project and our new Manufacturing Facility in Stansted. Mike Crowder, Group MD, who is leading the five-year leadership programme, explains its purpose.

The Five-Year leadership programme is designed to develop the younger future leaders of our business and to bring the group together at all levels. We are lucky to have some of the highest quality and most motivated young engineers anywhere in the country and we want to make sure that wherever you are in the business from Aberdeen to St Austell, you have the best opportunities.

There is immense talent out there.  Just because we have historically had the highest staff loyalty and retention rates, we can’t just sit back. This programme will bring us together so we can see the sheer scale and reach of TClarke and what we can achieve.

Giving our engineers a tour of the Stansted manufacturing Facility and the opportunity to talk with Jamie Ward of Eton were two of many examples we gave of the ‘go-ahead’ and forward thinking that’s going on at the facility.  TClarke is moving forward quickly and our engineers can help shape that.

Our continued success will depend on our ability to retain the quality and motivation at every level of leadership onsite and in the office.  That is what we are known for and that is what we need to be able to offer the market.  Our 5-year Leadership Programme proves that wherever you are in the country, you are part of a nationwide group which has opportunities for you to develop your career.