About Us

The TClarke Way

TClarke is well known as a place with strong traditions. People join as apprentices and stay throughout their careers, building deep skills, moving up and sharing knowledge. A TClarke job means TClarke people, taking responsibility and pride in the installation. This page sets out the simple fundamentals of our business which form the ‘TClarke Way’.

Creates successful projects

These long-held values lead directly to successful projects. Taking a pride in our work and in doing things the right way, we help you to achieve your goals.



We lead on safety

In 2017 as we moved to an 'absolute accident reporting' regime, in which every accident however small was recorded, we also achieved a reduction on the annual accident rate, against the backdrop of a record order book.


High standards from people who take pride

We prize excellence in the details of each installation. This goes for the neatness of our wiring and the accuracy of our welding. It also goes for the thinking that drives our solutions to complex problems.


Improving 'buildability'.

We deliver practical innovations. We make designs easier to build and installations that use the right elements in the best way.


Through engineering expertise

The power and depth of our product knowledge and experience allows us to deliver marginal and major improvements at every stage from pre-construction to maintenance.


In-house teams: the key to our offer

We have an exceptionally motivated workforce and we have invested heavily in excellent apprenticeships and training for decades. The result shows in the high quality of people at every level in our organisation.


For the long term

TClarke's business relationships stretch for decades, on a corporate and personal level. We don't hide behind contracts. When challenges emerge, our teams will be there, helping you to find the solution.