13121Daniel Abayomi is Apprentice of the Year

Daniel Abayomi is Apprentice of the Year

Daniel Abayomi has been recognised as TClarke Apprentice of the Year 2023 – the company’s most prestigious national award. Group Managing Director Mike Crowder, who runs the competition, introduces the finalists and the significance of an event which sits within a whole process of personal development.

“The reason why Daniel won through this year shines a light on how we think and work. Essentially, in a very tight field, Daniel won because of his answer to one question – and both judges picked this out for the same reason. We asked people to discuss the relative importance of personal performance and loyalty within our culture.

“We got many good answers but Daniel’s was so precise, accurate and articulate – and his expression of the fact that personal performance could sometimes be something you let dip in order to spend time helping others to achieve the team result – was an astute statement of the deep values we hold here.

“And this competition is extremely serious – because it puts you on the TClarke Future Leaders programme and if you look across our business now, you will see young engineers who were Apprentice of the Year finalists just a few years ago, now running some of the most complex building services engineering jobs in the whole UK right now – each one worth tens of millions of pounds . The level of opportunity and challenge for these young people as a result of getting to this final is exceptional.

“Every one of the five finalists is an impressive individual – they have shown themselves to be outstanding within a nationwide apprenticeship programme which we believe produces the best engineers in the industry. It is also true that the individuality of the finalists is something else I enjoyed this year. These are people who are not afraid to stand out – to work hard, to take the lead – or even, in the case of Harry Carney, to grow up in Newcastle as a proud Spurs fan !

“I think these young people are impressive and that each of their stories can serve to encourage people at school now – men and women – to take a serious look at what TClarke apprenticeship could mean for them.

Sam Wright 

“Look, I would recommend TClarke apprenticeship very highly to anyone at school just now. You learn so much and it’s not just in college. What I have learned is that this is the best training experience you can get. Just simply paying attention and having the next tool ready, you can learn the real tricks of the trade from people who know that trade inside out. I always say to apprentices in years below me to work with the ‘old boys’ because they really know everything.  What you get in return is opportunity. I’m working on a major data centre doing testing currently – what a great role and learning experience ! I have to say I’m not 100% sure which route I want to take next – the opportunities here are all so strong and there cannot be a better professional environment in which to develop.”

Daniel Abayomi 

“When I finished college I was doing sport and I’d decided I didn’t want to go to university. A friend was doing an electrical apprenticeship and liked it. It made sense to me as a good trade to have so I applied to loads of electrical companies and very fortunately I got an interview with TClarke in Peterborough. As it turned out my first job was away in Norwich – and I found I really enjoyed it and things just progressed from there. The Peterborough team have been extremely helpful at all times and people get right behind you if you are struggling. Onsite there is cameraderie and if you want to learn then you can make progress every day. I want to thank Damien Stocks and Darren Stygall – both site foreman – who took the time to put me forward for Apprentice of the Year. My professional world has opened up even further now! For the immediate future I want to just keep on getting as much experience as I can onsite – but then in the future I can see options in management or as a site engineer – and whatever further qualifications I may need I’m certainly up for taking them.

Oliver Daniels

“I didn’t really consider this career path until after college – in fact is was COVID that pushed me in this direction, thinking about what I really wanted to do. My dad works for a construction company and he suggested TClarke. When I did my own research I saw that it was one of the best – maybe the best!  I’m part of the Derby team and I have to say the welcome has been great from the very first day. I have enjoyed the apprenticeship all the way – I think above all I enjoy the sheer variety with no two days being the same. Being on the Future Leaders programme now is a brilliant opportunity – and it has all taken me by surprise – its very exciting !”

Harry Carney

“I started 6th form and decided that more school wasn’t for me. My mum and dad are both in construction and I will admit they ‘guided’ me towards TClarke – and I think they knew very well what a good company it is. I have loved it since the first day. Personally, I enjoy the hands-on physical work with new challenges everyday and so much to learn. Most importanly, the guidance you get is spot on. The supervisors have been great – and I want to thank Paul Hoy in particular.”

Charlie Luetchford 

“I had always been very interested in electrical engineering as a career, so the route into the profession which TClarke has given me is something I will always be grateful for. More than that I have had continued opportunities to do new things here. Right now I am working at One Nine Elms doing Quality Management in handing over 391 apartments within the Fit Out Programme and 3 basements and 10 risers within the Shell and Core Programme. That kind of opportunity to learn is classic TClarke and it is what makes our apprenticeships pretty much unique within the industry. I want to go forward through the project management route and then just keep on progressing. I’ve started studying for my HNC in building services which is a great qualification to give you more knowledge across M&E. I really do want to thank Dave Richards and Scott Roof for nominating me and for giving me so much help and support.”