12959TClarke Alternative Energy Solutions : Buildability

TClarke Alternative Energy Solutions : Buildability

Buildability – or the efficiency with which a project can be delivered – is critical for complex energy projects on existing buildings. TClarke Alternative Energy Solutions, Operations Director, Kevin Bright sets out some of the key advantages offered to building owners and operators.

Success with a live operational building

Project delivery within an operational building has specific risks and challenges. Plant replacement projects require a full understanding of these operational elements to ensure the plant and system functionality is maintained throughout. Decommissioning and removing the existing main building plant, while installing new systems which are to migrate into the operational building services, requires professional design management and implementation throughout the entire process.

These are all areas where TClarke’s unrivalled in-house experience is of huge practical value..

The advantages of a PCSA contract

We often enter into a PCSA contract, which enables our team to undertake detailed intrusive surveys, water quality testing, BIM modelling, electrical testing, NDT on existing pipework services, confirming riser routes or exploring new access requirements for the services. The PCSA provides invaluable information for the entire team, so project delivery can progress, safe in the knowledge that there are no uncertainties.

  • Understanding the existing building services design and performance, often with no information available, is the initial hurdle. However with our experienced team able to undertake detailed surveys and inspections across all service disciplines, we can quickly gain the knowledge and understanding of how the building services perform.
  • The second hurdle is plant logistics; how and when does the old equipment get decommissioned and removed and the new plant get installed?
  • The installation of the new services and plant is carefully managed throughout the entire process, ensuring only specific services are isolated and decommissioned.
  • A major factor is communication; not only with the client’s team, but also with the FM provider and tenants. Good communication can ensure a solid base for confidence among all parties.

The delivery of improved EPC ratings and energy performance are extremely attractive if you can be confident of delivering the project. With TClarke by your side, you can feel that confidence, based on real engineering knowledge.

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