12586TClarke Alternative Energy Solutions  : Capabilities in-house

TClarke Alternative Energy Solutions : Capabilities in-house

Expertise and experience in-house is another key advantage TClarke puts on the table for Energy performance enhancement projects. TClarke Alternative Energy Solutions, Operations Director, Kevin Bright presents the full picture:

The wider TClarke team has vast knowledge in all areas of building services. This is vital for an energy upgrade project where a full range of specialist skills contribute to the project delivery.

The experience built and retained within our in-house team enables us to give you complete confidence across every detail of the design and installation.

Electrical Team

Electrical infrastructure within the plant replacement is crucial as the electrification of buildings often requires a complete new electrical distribution system. Our electrical engineering and design expertise in-house is unrivalled in the industry.

BMS Team

The Building Management System (BMS) is critical to ensuring a smooth operational transition onto the new Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) platform. Our BMS team enables the system integration between the existing system and the ASHP connectivity and provide enhanced control performance and monitoring for the new systems. Our BMS team provides resilience solutions to the operational challenges with the new ASHP equipment.

Off site pre manufacturing facility

Our in-house off site pre-manufacturing facility is key to the mechanical services delivery, with services being engineered and built off site in a safe environment. These are then delivered to the project as and when required, significantly reducing the need for site storage areas (which are always a key factor and are often restricted within occupied buildings).

Design Team

Our in-house design team understands the challenging task of reviewing old existing plant and upgrading them with new technologies to enable the property to improve its operating performance and ultimately its EPC ratings. The design team is focused on a plant selection which is (a) within budget  (b) meets the design performance criteria  and (c) provides resilience and sustainability across all plant and materials delivered, allowing the net carbon output to be fully managed during the whole design and build process.