12951TClarke announces place on UK decarbonisation framework

TClarke announces place on UK decarbonisation framework

TClarke is announcing a second strategic public sector framework win. The Procure Partnerships Framework, which starts in November 2023, will focus on the £25bn challenge of decarbonising UK public buildings. To hit the UK government’s stated target for 2030, 91% of public buildings in England and Wales will need to be upgraded in the next seven years.

The Procure Partnerships framework covers 367 Local Authorities, 239 NHS Trusts, 155 Universities and 101 Emergency Services organisations.

Rob Faro, Director UK South, comments : “Net Zero is not an ‘over the horizon’ issue. Decarbonisation across the UK public sector has to happen now, and this will require a basket of specialist engineering services, particularly those offered by TClarke Alternative Energy Solutions and TClarke Climate Solutions. We have a strong track record of performance with Procure Partnerships, working with a number of schools and healthcare organisations, now we are looking to bring our expertise to an expanded public sector client base across the UK. The engineering challenges involved in upgrading critical infrastructure for public sector organisations such as schools and hospitals, during operation, are highly complex – and they suit perfectly our offer of high skills from high quality regional teams.”

TClarke Group CEO Mark Lawrence added: “TClarke has long been focused on decarbonisation and the organic development of critical skills and services in this area. Steady investment over the last five years and more, mean that today we are a UK market leader. We have the engineers across the country, and we have expertise in the public and commercial sectors. The announcement of our selection to the Procure Partnerships Framework is another strategic step forward for our business.”

Faye Dolan, Head of National Frameworks at Procure Partnerships said “The need for public sector clients to access the very best engineering solutions to help them meet Government decarbonisation and energy efficiency targets has never been greater. We are delighted to continue our relationship with TClarke having seen what they can deliver through previous frameworks and look forward to working with them in the future.”