12556Why we are launching TClarke Alternative Energy Solutions

Why we are launching TClarke Alternative Energy Solutions

Group CEO Mark Lawrence introduces a new in-house specialist technology offering :

We work at the forefront of building services technologies, with manufacturers and property development and property-owning clients. Often we pioneer the first major high-value installations of new technologies and our teams are always evaluating their potential for wider adoption.

 Climate Change is now driving major change in our markets and so are Energy Ratings which play a critical role in determining commercial rent values. This new service from TClarke provides both climate change and commercial advantages for our clients.

 TClarke Alternative Energy Solutions is here to help building owners improve EPC ratings for old buildings, meet climate targets and improve their carbon footprints.

 Critically, our expertise also makes newly available energy technologies – like Air Source Heat Pumps – a practical option. New manufacturers are offering equipment with the potential to help achieve lower EPC ratings for a building – but turning that potential into a buildable commercial programme, operating often with a live commercial building, is a different matter.

 Our success in launching with a pioneering project at 30 Fenchurch Street, is proof that we can deliver value, build confidence and help our clients to reap benefits for new Alternative Energy systems.

 Further to this, for public sector clients, our selection on both the Pagabo and Procure Partnerships frameworks provides a direct route to our decarbonisation services.

 As the UK moves forward with its climate goals, TClarke will be a leader in yet another key enabling technology.