A business relationship that’s still strong after 90 years

16/5/19 : in 2019, TClarke celebrates its 130th Anniversary and we’re very proud of that fact. This year Sir Robert McAlpine celebrates its 150th Anniversary and as they say in their commemorative brochure ‘A Portrait of Achievement’, that too is worth celebrating.

TClarke goes to market talking about long relationships, based on trust and shared values, as the key to successful construction projects. So it is great to notice, that on page 13 of ‘A Portrait of Achievement’, where Sir Robert McAlpine feature their 1929-31 project to build the Dorchester Hotel (introducing a number of innovative techniques and achieving exceptional quality) if you really look carefully, you can see a small advertising hoarding on the side of the building.

Look closely and it is a sign for TClarke! Which means our partnership with SRM is at least 90 years old (and it may well be even older). Congratulations to Sir Robert McAlpine and we’re delighted to have been selected by them for so many landmark projects over the years. 

And the partnership goes from strength to strength – we are very pleased to be working with SRM currently on the Peninsula Hotel at Hyde Park Corner – which is only a few hundred metres from the Dorchester.