Boroughmuir, Edinburgh shows how TClarke sets the bar for quality in residential building services.

19/8/20: Gary Jackson, MD of TClarke Scotland says Boroughmuir is a timely restatement of our leadership in high quality residential building services.

CALA Homes’ (East) Boroughmuir, Edinburgh development is an iconic luxury development for sure – but what it represents to the market, in my view – is a timely statement of the consistent levels of very high quality installation which it takes to be a market leader in residential across the country . Now we’ve reached the finishing stages, with some homeowners shortly moving in to this complex , the full splendour of such a beautiful building with its new look can be admired by all.

We deliver consistent high quality installations at scale

This project has huge ambition, BoConcept (collaborators with CALA Homes (East) and designer Eileen Kesson) call it ‘an exquisite project to be part of’. CALA detailed the absolute necessity of the building services package being delivered to the same level of perfection, across 87 apartments according to programme.

The expectations and demands on quality are not an easy goal , and it does not happen by chance. It requires high levels of skill, sequential systems of working and communication of the very highest standard .Our management team have been working closely with the CALA project team and their partners to ensure safety, quality and care for the local community and environment is maintained at all times.

You cannot do this without the TClarke partnership approach

Our people , our willingness to continually support ,and our skills and experience set us apart – but so does our approach to work. Our people are directly employed, with every service we provide having apprentices onsite and learning for the future   – I am very happy to make this point over and over again – because it is such an advantage and continues to demonstrate our commitment to both our established tradespeople and young people in our business . Our clients get to know our teams and trust them 100%. We work together with a shared purpose and pride, and these are the drivers that push us to deliver consistently.

TClarke is number one for high quality residential M&E across the UK

As the UK construction market gears itself up to meet the demand for residential developments, the challenge will be to keep delivering high quality – not just for the installation but from an environmental point of view. 

We have the resource of skilled people, we have the deep technical expertise, we have the programme system and experience, we have the world class safety regime – that keeps on working to improve and we have the partnership approach which builds trust and proactive problem solving. And we have all of that at scale, available nationwide.

This is the market leading residential resource in the UK, we’re very proud of it, we’re very proud of the people who deliver it.

TClarke sees potential for growth nationwide

Group Chief Executive Mark Lawrence commented:

“The work at Boroughmuir underlines our leadership in delivering quality at scale in residential. Across the group we have the ability to select and win residential developments of the right scale and quality to meet our well known requirements for project profitability. The residential market is one in which we flex our offering and our focus in accordance with the industry cycle and we are now seeing excellent potential. But as ever, we don’t build turnover for the sake of it – we don’t need to. We will build the right kind of profitable growth and take the opportunities that suit our model. What is very pleasing is to be able to show a client a project like Boroughmuir so they can see for themselves, exactly what we are able to deliver for them.”