World class science facilities : Growing with Cambridge

17/1/18 : There’s an untold story in our central region – it concerns our work in Cambridge in recent years and it includes some of the biggest names in world and British science and technology. Glynn Herbert, who has been directly involved in many of the projects, tells the story.

Cambridge is a world famous University town, but that reputation was no guarantee that it would become, over the last two decades, one of the world’s hubs for advanced science and technology. That has depended on the achievements of world class scientists, academics and companies – and those people have required world class laboratories and facilities in which to work. We have been fortunate to have been selected over and over again to play our part in delivering them.

Back in the 90s, within a wide range of college and laboratory facilities, we worked on The Wellcome Trust Sangar Institute – which are laboratories for genome research, on the ARM building in Cambridge – laboratories and offices for research into world-leading microprocessor chips and on the Centre for Mathematical Sciences Pavillions – Professor Stephen Hawking’s Buildings.

In the 2000s we delivered laboratory spaces including Harston Mill for Scientific Generics and separate projects at Granta Park for Chiroscience/Cell Tech, Vernalis and Pfizer

The last decade has seen us carry on with R&D Laboratories for the Babraham Research Campus, laboratories for Astrazenica at Cambridge Science Park and laboratories for Cancer Research UK at the Addenbrookes Campus.

Last year we created new laboratories at the Mawell Centre in an extension to the existing Physics of Medicine Building. Right now we have ongoing  work for the Illumina Centre Laboratories and European Headquarters.

Group CEO Mark Lawrence highlights the importance of these achievements for the business:

“TClarke has a long and outstanding record in Cambridge, working to deliver some of the most important science and laboratory facilities in the world, let alone the UK. This deep expertise and capability is not just something that we have in one region. The work in Scotland at Easter Bush Innovation Centre to deliver lab and start up facilities for Edinburgh University’s Bioscience department, and in the South West to deliver the Derriford Research Facility and in the North East to deliver Sunderland University’s Science Complex Phase 2, are all examples of what we can achieve.

“Delivering high quality, high technology laboratory and science facilities is a specialism in which we have a tremendous track record. This kind of work is a perfect fit for TClarke with our high quality/end-user focused capabilities. The Cambridge team’s story is one we need to share across our business and market place.”