“Don’t have a preconceived idea about construction”

1/6/21: As one of the three finalists in the TClarke Apprentice of The Year, Emily Lyons has won a place on the company’s prestigious Future Leaders programme. She talk about her experiences and goals for the future.

What got you selected as a finalist?

I know that what’s very much appreciated here is that you develop your standard of professionalism quickly in line with the company standard. That means very good timekeeping, focus on work and ability to take the initiative. As I’ve progressed, those are qualities which I have tried to bring to my work everyday.

Has there been a key moment in your development so far?

The penny really dropped for me I think in Stage 3 (the third year) of my apprenticeship. I developed a real confidence that I understood exactly what I was being asked to do. I began to enjoy the opportunities of working alone, making decisions and correcting them and enjoying the freedom of all of that. That confidence has stayed with me and it’s a big part of the satisfaction I get from doing my work.

What would you say to someone thinking to follow your footsteps?

I would say, ‘please don’t have a preconceived idea about construction.’ There are so many avenues your career can follow. Of course there is work on site and you have to put your body through strain and apply yourself mentally. But site work is only one aspect of what’s on offer, This is such a viable career choice and at TClarke there are so many opportunities.